We are always looking at ways we can improve SAS, as you can probably see from the frequency of our updates we are continually evolving. This next update incorporates a really cool feature from a new really cool tool: Arbitrage Hero and REVERSE SEARCH.

“Arbitrage Hero – The QUICKEST FBA Sourcing Software For Finding Highly Profitable Products for beginners and advanced Amazon sellers. No more waiting, AH finds products in seconds instead of hours. With AH you get Online Arbitrage, Wholesale, Basic Repricer and more.”

Max Vershinin (the founder and developer of Arbitrage Hero) and I have been talking about how our users can get mutual benefits from both tools and we came up with a number of ideas. The first was auto populating SAS fields when you follow a link from the Arbitrage Hero Web app (a nice time saver) which has been live for a while. The next integration we are launching is Reverse Search.

We have added a new optional SAS panel, Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search. When you are analyzing a product in SAS this panel will automatically show you which other merchants sell the product and the price.

You can use this information to help confirm that the price you have sourced is a good one, see who else is selling it and if you can get a better price elsewhere (it will also give you ideas of other stores to source from). Whether you are doing RA with the SAS mobile app, OA sourcing with the extension or even wholesale, seeing other merchants that sell the product is invaluable.

A quick overview of the functionality:

  • Clicking or hovering over the thumbnail image will bring up a larger version so you can confirm that it is the same product.
  • The store name is a link to that product in that store
  • We show the price when Arbitrage Hero last checked that store (it is continually scanning for new products and prices). Clicking that price in SAS will automatically copy it to the cost field in the SAS profit calculator.

For subscribers of both tools you will need to get your API key from your profile settings at Arbitrage Hero, add that to your SAS settings. You can enable and move the Reverse Search SAS panel as you can any other SAS panel.

Once you have added the AH API Key and the SAS panel is enabled we will automatically do a Reverse Search whenever you analyze a product in SAS.

If you are not yet a subscriber of Arbitrage Hero you still get additional functionality:

  • We will show you how many merchants Arbitrage Hero has found selling this product
  • It will also show the minimum price found
  • Every month you get 10 free reverse searches using AH

I’ll post a link in the comments to get a free 14 day trial of Arbitrage Hero, there’s also a link on the integrations page and in the SAS panel.

Both Max and I are really excited about this update and think it will be a huge benefit to everybody. We have a few other integrations in development and planned, when developers with selling experience start bouncing ideas off each other we can come up with some pretty cool stuff.

This is live now on all SAS platforms.