SellerAmp SAS is now equipped to handle the new Low-Price FBA fees, taking effect soon in most marketplaces.

Low-Price FBA (LPFBA) will automatically charge a slightly lower FBA/Fulfillment fee when a product is under a certain sale price:

Marketplace Low-Price FBA Fees Begin Low-Price FBA Sale Price
US 29 August 2023 < $10
France 26 September 2023 ≤ €12 (incl. VAT)
Germany 26 September 2023 ≤ €11 (incl. VAT)
Italy 26 September 2023 ≤ €12 (incl. VAT)
Spain 26 September 2023 ≤ €12 (incl. VAT)
United Kingdom 26 September 2023 ≤ £10 (incl. VAT)

Visit Seller Central, US or Europe (hover for links) for full details. Small & Light will be phased out on the dates above.


Visit Settings in SAS to turn on LPFBA fees in your calculations. You can turn it off as needed. Small & Light will still be available to use. 


All SAS fee calculations will default to include LPFBA fee when Sale Price meets the qualification, as listed above. Small & Light will not be available.

Also, the SAS Alerts panel will call out when LPFBA when in use.

LowPriceFBA now available


SAS will also alert you when it will be more profitable to sell a product as Low-Price FBA.

Low Price FBA profit alert

With a higher sale price, standard FBA fee plus increase in referral fee mean it may reduce your overall profit. In the example below, Profit would be $1.08 by reducing the product below $10 versus $.82 by selling above $10. 

Cost Price $ 2.00 $ 2.00
Sale Price $ 9.90 $10.50
Referral Fee $ 1.49 $ 1.58
Low-Price FBA $ 5.33
Standard FBA $ 6.10
Total Fees $ 6.82 $ 7.68
Cost Price + Fees $ 8.82 $ 9.68
Profit $1.08 $  .82

Take time to understand how Low-Price FBA fees and let SellerAmp SAS help you see how it will impact your bottom line.