SAS offers a wealth of features that enable you to source more successfully whether RA (Retail Arbitrage), OA (Online Arbitrage), Wholesale or other methods. You find a product, SAS will tell you if it meets your profit and ROI requirements, and so much more. In seconds you will get the full and clear picture of the realities of investing in a product. 

3 Tools, 1 Product

With the SAS mobile app, Chrome extension and web app, you have the power to understand the profitability of a product…anywhere: 

  • On the go with the mobile app (Android & iOS): the perfect tool for RA. Scan a product UPC or EAN with your mobile device to see results. Or search by text. Even use your mobile devices Share feature to open SAS analysis on a product you find in another app.

  • Side by Side view with the Chrome extension: get analysis within your Chrome browser window, while on Amazon or any website. It launches automatically on Amazon sites. And quickly opens with 2 clicks when you highlight text on any other website.

  • Full screen view with the web app: deep dive with all the analysis on your computer screen at once through the web app.

The tools all share the same settings and history, so your results will not vary and when you search in one tool, results can be seen in the others.

Set Your Objectives & Costs

You set your own business objectives. Tell SAS your objectives in your settings, and let SAS tell you if a product meets your designated goals like:

  • Profit

  • ROI

  • BSR minimum/maximum

SAS also factors in your tax status, additional sourcing costs and inbound FBA shipping rates, once you set up the rates.

SAS Smart Search

Using the SAS Chrome extension on ANY website gets you to your analysis in a single click or keyboard shortcut. And the SAS search results returned are accurate, by drawing on page and product details. Use Smart Search in a variety of situations:

  • On a website product page

  • On an Amazon product page

  • After highlighting text on any web page

SAS Smart Search speeds up your analysis

Storefront Search

SAS Storefront Search - see details of any sellers Amazon storefront

Staying up with your competitors and finding new products and sources are a regular task. SAS Storefront Search enables you to see SAS analysis for the products in any seller’s storefront.  View seller details, top brands and top categories in their store. Click on a product to conduct SAS analysis for yourself.

Access Your Analysis History

You need to know what products you have analyzed, and have ability to revisit them in the future. Maybe it is a replenishable item to revisit frequently, maybe it is a product for a future season, or maybe it is a specific source that you want to see – SAS has you covered.  Use powerful tools to keep your history, and keep it organized, like:

  • History contains every product you analyze, regardless of which tool you used and is easily searchable

  • Apply Tags to products to find them more easily in the future

  • Make searchable Notes against each product you lookup

  • See your Lookup Details of each product you view including source, cost price and sale price used

What may have not been profitable before may now be a perfect product to buy. Let SAS keep that history at your fingertips.

SAS History

Mobile Share & Split Screen

Use Split Screen/multitasking mode on SAS mobile app

When browsing on your mobile device, use the share feature to launch SAS instantly. And analysis on your mobile device becomes easier when using the split-screen/mulit-tasking mode. Get a side by side view with SAS plus Seller Central, your reconciling tool or any website.

Speed that Matters

You need to find products fast, buy them and sell them. SAS knows the critical nature of speed when analyzing products and prioritizes speed with: 

  • No data entry required to get results

  • Automatic Chrome extension launch on any Amazon product page

  • One click analysis from all Amazon search results pages

  • Apply tags to products for easier filtering

  • Lightning fast scanning and results on the mobile app

Enables Comprehensive Analysis

SAS offers helpful and relevant information grouped into panels, making it easy to hone in on the information to answer those ever so important sourcing questions:

Should I sell it?

Does it sell?

Is it profitable?

Quick Info Panel

Quick Info enables you to see the key details you need to see...quickly

Quick Info Panel

A fast glance at the most critical analysis details so you determine whether to analyze further:

  • Eligibility to sell the product

  • Maximum Cost (Max Cost)

  • Profit & ROI based on your settings

  • BSR and whether it meets your requirement

Entering your Cost Price and Sale Price will instantly recalculate the information too.

Alerts Panel

Alerts panel lets you understand if/should you sell the product

Alerts Panel

See which issues may prevent you from achieving your profit and ROI goals. Alerts panel helps you understand:

  • Eligibility to sell the product

  • Hazmat and Dangerous Goods notations

  • Does Amazon, historically, share the buy box?

  • Private Label or IP warnings

Using a simple stoplight format, you will know if or which Alerts apply to the current lookup.

Offers Panel

SellerAmp SAS Offers Panel, UK

Offers Panel

See important details about other offers for the current product, including:

  • Seller name, rating, review count and fulfillment type

  • Link from any seller to their Storefront Search

  • Current stock levels, with indicators for maximum and minimum order quantities

  • Their price, including and excluding shipping

  • Your profit and ROI if you matched their price

  • Lowest 10 prices displayed with option to Load More

  • Total number of sellers and total by fulfillment type

Filter Offers panel to see all offers or just Prime offers.

Ranks & Prices Panel

SellerAmp SAS Ranks & Prices panel, UK

Ranks & Prices Panel

Have full knowledge of how the product sells, both currently and historically. Ranks & Prices gives you the:

  • Product BSR

  • Prices of Buy Box, Amazon, lowest FBA and lowest FBM sellers

  • Net Buy Box price changes

  • Keepa drops

  • Estimated Sales per month

  • Your estimated time to sell

Quickly switch views within the panel from current to historic – 30 days, 90 days, 180 days or the history of the product – to see the full picture.

Profit Calculator

Profit Calculator

See a true view of the possible return on your sourcing investment with the SAS Profit Calculator:

  • Will Profit and ROI meet your requirements?

  • Adjust your Cost Price and Sale Price to see the impact

  • Impact of selling FBM vs FBA

  • Breakdown of all fees and taxes

  • Breakeven sale price, Profit Margin and Estimated Amazon Payout

Changes to any of the variables in the Profit Calculator adjust calculations instantly. Don’t source based on estimations! See the true possibilities.

Charts Panel

Charts Panel

Our interactive charts are driven by Keepa data to visually help you wade through historic stats. Features include:

  • Historic sales rank for a product

  • FBA, FBM, Amazon and the Buy Box price

  • Offer, review counts and rating

  • See exact prices and counts at any point on the charts

  • Zoom or pan the charts to see more data points

  • Optimized and responsive to different screen sizes, from phones to wide screen monitors

We optimized the data viewing to be user friendly and give an improved view for easier analysis so you can get to the information you need, quickly. Give them a go yourself with our free trial!

Keepa Panel

SAS Keepa Panel

Keepa Panel

When analyzing products looking at historic data is essential. SAS uses data directly from Keepa for this purpose. Our Keepa panel shows:

  • Historic sales ranks

  • Amazon and buy box prices

  • Lowest FBA and FBM prices

  • Quickly switch between different date ranges

  • Multiple Amazon marketplaces

Notes & Tags Panel

SAS Notes & Tags panel

Notes & Tags Panel

SAS makes it easy for you to add your own notes to the analysis. These can be used to help you find past deals or as a simple reminder of key points.

  • Notes: create multiple notes against an ASIN with automatic date/time stamp.

  • Tags: a single tap or click to quickly flag an item by applying a Tag

  • Custom Tags: create and name your own tags to help organize your sourcing history

Search your powerful SAS History via any Notes you make or by Tags you apply. And like all SAS data, Notes & Tags can be exported to Google Sheets

Google Sheets Panel & Export

Google Sheets

Google Sheets Panel & Export

Exporting your analysis as you go, to one of more Google Sheet spreadsheets:

  • Export the key fields in the order you want

  • Create multiple sheets for different use cases

  • Create and export your own Google Sheet formulas

BQool Repricing Central Integration

BQool Repricing Central Integration

When sourcing you can analyze products, set costs, minimum and maximum prices, and establish repricing rules at the same time when connected to a BQool account. Check out our FAQs to learn more. Our BQool panel allows you to:

  • Sync cost, min & max price, and repricing rules both ways

  • Export new listings into BQool as you source

  • Built-in SAS Chrome extension, mobile app, and web app

  • Marketplaces supported—US, CA, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT

Seller Central

Seller Central

Seller Central

Single click access to your Amazon Seller Central account. Add the product to your inventory, check your existing inventory for the product, view any pending or past orders or hit the SC homepage.

Product Panel

SAS Product Panel

Product Panel

The Product Panel presents you with key information about the current product: 

  • View key product details: ratings, images, dimensions, weight, listing bullet points

  • Confirm and copy the ASIN and EAN/UPC

  • One-click link to the Amazon listing or a Google search for the product title

Lookup Details

Lookup Details

At a glance, understand if and when you have previously analyzed the product and see:

  • Date and time when you last analyzed the current ASIN

  • Source and which SAS tool was used

  • Previous cost and sale price used in the historic analysis

Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search Panel

SAS Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search panel
Arbitrage Hero Logo

Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search Panel

Enjoy Reverse Search capability from our friends at Arbitrage Hero. Automatically see merchants who sell the product and their price, which is perfect for:

  • Confirmation your cost is competitive

  • See what merchants are selling the product 

  • Maybe find another source!

All SAS subscribers get limited Reverse Searches each month. But subscribers of Arbitrage Hero by MaxV Media, get unlimited automatic Reverse Searches.

Discounts Panel

SAS Discounts Panel

Discounts Panel

Does a merchant that you are sourcing from have a discount? Select your discount and SAS immediately calculates the impact to your cost, profit, ROI, etc. 


SAS eBay panel


 Search the product on eBay to see listings or recent sales, and prospect another possible destination to sell. 

European Marketplaces

SAS European Marketplaces Panel

European Marketplaces

Get a quick view of the viability of selling in European marketplaces by seeing:

  • Sales rank, buy box price and  fulfillment type

  • The profit and ROI at that price with your cost price

  • Exchange rates automatically updated and taken into account

  • Choose between EFN and Pan-EU for calculating your cross border fulfillment fees

And with one click on the panel, convert your SAS analysis to focus on a different country.

Seller Tool Kit Panel

Integrated panel with Seller Tool Kit & SAS
Seller Toolkit Logo

Seller Tool Kit Panel

We have partnered with SellerToolKit (STK) so that we can show mutual customers information directly from their STK account, including:

  • Current and inbound Amazon stock levels

  • Your price and previous orders

  • Sales channels

  • Further STK integration is planned and in development


ROI Panel

The ROI (Return On Investment) panel shows you the required sale price to generate different ROI percentages.

  • Common ROI values calculated and displayed

  • Instantly calculate required sale price for your desired ROI percentage

  • Enter a desired profit to see the ROI and needed sale price

VAT Settings Panel

SAS VAT panel

VAT Settings Panel

SAS uses your selected VAT Scheme in all of its calculations and analysis. You can override the VAT scheme, VAT rate and use VAT inclusive or exclusive prices in this panel.