Get Sourcing with SAS

Use this video series to learn about accessing and loading the tools and the basics of using each tool.

Chrome Extension

Web App

Mobile App

Get Sourcing with SAS: Video 1

Setting up your Settings

Get Sourcing with SAS: Video 2

Analyzing a Product

SAS Panels

Learn more about individual SAS panels, how to use them and how they assist your sourcing.

Alerts Panel

SAS Charts Panel

SAS & Google Sheets: the Basics

Geo Location Panel

Lookup Details Panel

News & Alerts Panel

Notes & Tags Panel

Offers Panel   

Product Panel

Profit Calculator Panel

Quick Info Panel

Reverse Search with Arbitrage Hero

  Ranks & Prices   

Seller Central Panel

New Features

Updates on some of our major new features that simplify your sourcing analysis.

Enhanced Search

(March 2021)

Split View on Tablets

(April 2021)

Share Function in Mobile App

(May 2021)

Mobile Eligibility, Hazmat, Nav Enhancements

(June 2021)

Arbitrage Hero on Search Results

(November 2021)

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