Launched over 6 months ago, SAS Storefront Search feature gives SAS users the power to easily see SAS analysis for products in any other seller’s Amazon storefront. It even gives a snapshot breakdown of brands and categories in the storefront.

Now access Storefront Search from any Amazon storefront via right click! Simply right click on any Amazon seller storefront and choose “search SAS” and SAS Storefront Search launches in the extension.

  • Use the ‘full screen’ button  in the extension to open it in a full browser window
  • Click on a brand or category to see SAS search results
  • Collapse and expand the brands and categories data
  • Scroll down to see search results
You can still access Storefront Search via the previous methods too:

Via Offers Panel
While looking at offers of other sellers in the Offers panel of your SAS analysis, simply click on the seller to initiate a Storefront Search.

Via SAS Search
Just as you would search an ASIN or text, you can search a storefront’s URL. Visit the seller’s storefront on Amazon, then copy the URL into any SAS search bar.
Not Familiar with Storefront Search?
Get to know Storefront Search! The feature has given a new level of analysis capabilities to SAS users, whether researching products you know or finding new products.

Storefront Search contains:

  • Seller Details
  • Brands in their store & quantity of products
  • Categories & quantity in each
  • SAS Search results on all products or specific brands or categories

Find the products you wish to source and see the SAS analysis in no time. And see your sourcing productivity increase.

Take Storefront Search for a spin. We know it will become a critical analysis tool for you!