Great news! We have added a feature that enables you to conduct calculations directly in SAS amount boxes. 

Any amount box can now handle common math operations, including addition  (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*) and division (/). 

Type your numbers and operations, hit enter and SAS will calculate the result for you. For more complicated sums you can use parentheses.

For example:

Type… Then…  SAS shows
12 * 1.99 Hit Enter 23.88
10 + 2.45 Hit Enter 12.45
33.30/3 Hit Enter 11.10
29.99 *.20 Hit Enter 6.00
1.99 + (1.25 * 4) Hit Enter  6.99

It works in all SAS fields where you enter amounts…

  • Cost Price & Sale Price in both Quick Info and Profit Calculator
  • FBM Cost in Profit Calculator
  • Custom ROI calculations in the ROI panel

There are plenty of arbitrage scenarios where the calculations will speed up your analysis… 

  • Working out the cost of a multipack
  • Calculating unusual discounts
  • Add delivery cost from a source and dividing by the number of units you buy
  • Applying vouchers, coupons and cashback
  • Sales tax (an easier solution is coming long term)

So put that pen down and keep your calculator hidden. Let SAS do the basic math calculations!

Calculations in SAS fields - 2

SAS Update v1.278