Hey, SAS users and all interested viewers out there. Thanks for tuning in.

Got a quick update for you on our integration with Arbitrage Hero. And for those that might not know what Arbitrage Hero is, it is a fantastic tool that we believe everybody should check out as part of your sourcing process. Arbitrage Hero actually scans different e-commerce sites, e-tailers, retailers you name it, to find products for you.

What we’ve done within SAS is integrate those results into your SAS analysis. So as you see on screen here, what we’ve done is look up this Lego Millennium Falcon and you can see because I am a subscriber of Arbitrage Hero, I’ve got the My Subscription synced up with my SAS account, it has brought back results that Arbitrage Hero would find for you, as to where else you could find this product and what prices they have it listed at. So not only can you hover and see the image, reconfirm it’s what you’re looking for, the link will actually take you directly to that product listing. So, if we hop over and we can see on Very there is the same product that we were just looking at, and then of course it lists the price at which it’s being sold. So as you can see, it’s super beneficial for finding new sources, also very beneficial for validating your price that you’re getting. It’s really a helpful tool in your sourcing process. 

But what we’ve done is taken it a step further with Arbitrage Hero. So obviously, as I’ve done here, I could click into my product analysis and look at the Arbitrage Hero search results, but we’re now letting you get to those results faster. So again, if you are a subscriber of both services and have them linked together, you will now see on our Search results page, those very same search results in a more compact format. What we’re able to do is display the lowest three prices that Arbitrage Hero has found, and then also we indicate to you how many potential matches Arbitrage Hero has found for this product. So obviously, from here, you can go into your full product analysis and see exactly the specifics on what Arbitrage Hero has found.

So with Arbitrage Hero, they are offering a special deal. So if you’re not a subscriber yet, I would encourage you to visit the link that we’re going to post here in the video, because there is a great opportunity right now, not only can you take advantage of their free 14 day trial that they offer, but for SAS subscribers for a limited time, they are offering an additional 50% off of your first month. So between a two week trial and 50% off your first month. That is not a lot of investment to get up through the holidays but we’re convinced that you are going to see the value in Arbitrage Hero, hence the reason why we have this integration with them. We believe it brings a great tool to our users.

So if you are a subscriber of Arbitrage Hero, let me show you real quick how you would get your account synced up. What you’d want to do is go into your settings in SAS on any of the tools. And within there you will see within the panels your Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search panel, you can go ahead and click Configure. Here you will actually enter your Arbitrage Hero key which you will find in your login within Arbitrage Hero so just enter your key in there. And then it will be defaulted to yes but just ensure that this is toggled to yes that you want to display those results on your search results. Obviously, you can turn it off if you don’t want it there. So it’s as easy as that.

We do put a link here as well to that free trial if you’d like to give that a go. I believe this is a tool that every RA OA sourcer out there should really look into. It’s proven very very valuable to many of our users. Go ahead and visit Arbitrage Hero, see what they have to offer. I think you will be very impressed with the product. Like I said they have a 14 day free trial and then 50% off your first month for SAS subscribers. So that is what I had to update you on today. Best wishes everybody as you continue your Q4 push to get out there and take advantage of as many of these Black Friday and holiday specials that you can find. And thanks everybody.

Recorded November 24, 2021