3 Tools, 1 Product

Web app, mobile app and Chrome extension enable information at your fingertips – no matter how you source. Your analysis history, settings and preferences are shared across all 3 tools, so you don’t miss a beat.

3 tools 1 product
SAS Chrome Extension logo

Chrome Extension

Analysis within the Chrome window, while on Amazon or any website. 

SAS Web App

Web App

See all key the information on one screen, to conduct more thorough analysis.

SellerAmp SAS Mobile App

Mobile App

Scan a barcode, search by text or share to the app on your phone or tablet. 

Comprehensive Analysis

SAS presents and organizes the information you need to make informed sourcing decisions for your Amazon sourcing.  Understand all aspects of the product, sales, profitability and competition. Features include:

Quick Info

Fast access to data that can quickly make your buying decision including your maximum cost, profit and ROI.

Profit Calculator

Breakdown of cost, fees, taxes, profit and ROI. Modify the cost and sale price to instantly see the impact.


Listing of other sellers, their stock levels, prices and impact to you for matching their price.


Easily see if you are ungated and approved, and if there are Hazmat, Dangerous Goods, IP or PL Issues.

Storefront Search

Easily see product analysis of any seller’s Amazon storefront. Sort by brand and category too.

Keepa Charts

Interactive charts driven from Keepa data, easily visualize pricing and sales history.

Ranks & Prices

Easy access to current and historic views of product BSR, Buy Box, sale prices and estimated sales.

Google Sheets

Export your analysis data from SAS to a Google Sheet. Multiple sheets and custom formulas supported.

Notes & Tags

Use Notes & Tags to easily filter and find products in the future. Both Notes and Tags can be used to search your History.

eBay Lookup

In a click, lookup a product on eBay to see current prices or recent sales prices.

Smart Search

SAS Chrome extension is optimized for 1-click, fast and accurate searches of ANY website.

Mobile Share & Split Screen

SAS mobile app enables sharing and split screen views for fast access and analysis when on your mobile device.

Set Your Own Objectives

You have your own objectives in running your business. Tell SAS your goals and let SAS tell you if a product will meet them.

Access Your Analysis History

SAS provides a full and searchable history or all products that you have analyzed, no matter which tool was used.

Speed that Matters

Speed is key when sourcing. SAS is designed for speed with both the technology used and how you interact with it.

Selleramp Flags

Supported Amazon Marketplaces

Use SAS to analyze products in your home Amazon marketplace. With a single click you can do full analysis in other marketplaces, using local, EFN or PAN-EU fulfilment.

What SAS Can Do