We have added another integration partner to make sourcing analysis even simpler for our UK customers. ArbiSource is a deal sourcing software for online arbitrage and wholesale, providing thousands of profitable products at your fingertips. Read more about our partner below.

SAS integration now allows you to conduct one-click SAS analysis from any deal you find in ArbiSource. Find a product and quickly understand if it meets your sourcing requirements by launching SAS analysis via the SAS Chrome extension icon that will appear in your ArbiSource product details. 

ArbiSource, currently in beta, is available in the UK marketplace. They offer a 7 day free trial which you can access through this link. And for a limited time, receive a lifetime 33% discount using the code ARBIBETA. 

ArbiSource scans a growing number of online retailers and match their products with those on Amazon to find arbitrage opportunities. They offer features like… 

  • The Vault – INSTANT access to profitable leads that ArbiSource already found, plus constant updates. Choose between retailers or Amazon category.
  • Live Scans – Get up to the minute data, mix and match categories from different stores, apply discounts and more by running live scans
  • Wholesale scans – Upload a spreadsheet supplied from a wholesaler and let ArbiSource find the opportunities for you!
  • Reverse search – Find profitable leads by providing ArbiSource with a list of ASINs
  • Custom Scan – With a small amount of HTML knowledge you can use the power of ArbiSource to scan almost ANY online retailer!
  • Custom Links – Found a short term sale? 3for2 sale? A discount applied only to a specific page? Most other software won’t be able to find leads for these sales, with ArbiSource you can! Simply paste the link, enter your discount and off you go!
  • Replenishables – Get notified when any of your replenishables fall below your desired stock level and let ArbiSource tell you where you can source it from

Give the ArbiSource 7 day free trial a go and see how the SAS integration will help your sourcing analysis!