The SAS Dangerous Goods alert is back. We’ve made a modification to deal with the new way that Amazon lets you determine if a product is dangerous goods (for those of you that are on the dangerous goods program).

We’ve added a new alert for small and light products. We display the Small and Light toggle in the profit calculator for products that meet the dimensional and weight requirements of the program. The S&L Alert shows if the S&L toggle is activated:

  • If the Sales Price is greater than Amazon allows for the program, you will see a Danger alert notifying you of this
  • If the sales price is below the allowed max then we will always show a warning alert to remind you to check sales volumes (this is regardless of estimated sales)

The small and light alert is live now on all SAS platforms. The Dangerous Goods alert is live on the web app and extension (we are looking into a different way to do this on mobile).


SAS Update v1.195