We have made an addition to the Storefront search results to make analysis even quicker.

SAS has always featured the storefront price and shown the prices of Amazon, FBA and the lowest FBM as a hint in the mini offers panel. We now also display the actual Buy Box price as a new mini panel with an Offer type indicator. So for those of you wanting to compare that sellers price with the Buy Box, you’ve now got it on the search results, without having to open the full analysis. It will provide a great window into whether there may be opportunity with a product.

This is live now and only available on Storefront search, as the Buy Box price is displayed by default on the normal search results. And a tip from us: when doing a storefront search we recommend using the web app simply for more horizontal space to display information. Access web app at by clicking the web app icon at the top of the extension (see below).

launch SAS web app via SAS Storefront Search



SAS Update v1.239