The mobile apps have been updated to include the enhanced Offers SAS Panel, this includes the following improvements:

  • Shows the latest Amazon offers on the selling marketplace that you are analysing
  • Store name and rating (hints on the fulfillment type)
  • Stock levels for each offer
  • Indicates if a seller has set a limit and hidden total stock quantity (we show the limit)
  • Cumulative stock levels up to each offer

The cumulative stock is the amount of stock up-to and including the offer on that row in the table. So you can see how much stock is available up-to any given price point.

When a seller limits how much stock can be bought (even though they have more available) we indicate this with a plus (+) sign. After a limited offer all cumulative offers will also have the (+) sign (as there’s at least that much stock available).

This update is available in versions >= 1.28. For iOS you can update via TestFlight and Android in the Play Store.