You’ve always been able to see your full SAS scan history. It’s private to you and goes back to when you first started using SAS.
The full history is all of your scans, the new Scan History panel is used to display your history of the current ASIN. So if you’ve looked at a product in the past you can quickly compare prices and see if it’s worth sourcing.

The Scan History table has the following columns:

  • Date – The date that it was scanned (this also links to the SAS result page for that scan)
  • Source – The icon shows the app that was used (Chrome Extension, mobile or web), the search term and the source (this will be a link if a web address was used)
  • Cost – If you entered a cost price this is shown here
  • Sale – This is the sale price that was used in the profit calculator for that scan

In the panel header it shows how many scans of that ASIN are in your history, like all SAS panels it can be collapsed by clicking the header (or completely disabled in your SAS options).