We’ve added a bit more information to the Offers Panel:

  • Minimum Order Quantity – Amazon has been testing minimum order quantities for a while, we now show if an offer has such a limit with the info icon (the hint shows the actual MOQ). The majority of sellers cannot set an MOQ but it’s very useful to know if there is an MOQ offer on a listing
  • Shipping Costs – The shipping cost is now included in the price (the hint shows the breakdown). We used to show this before but Amazon made a change so we’ve modified SAS accordingly
  • Link to Seller on Amazon – This has been requested a few times. The fulfilment badge (AMZ, FBA, FBM etc.) now links to the Amazon page of that seller. This works on the web app and extension (tapping on mobile shows the seller info as a hint)
  • Moved the “All Offers/Prime Only” slide button to the top
  • Improved hints

This is live now on all SAS platforms.



SAS Update v1.167