We optimized the handy Quick Info panel even more!

SAS was designed to help you analyze products quickly and consistently across platforms (extension, mobile and web). When sourcing it’s just as important (if not more so) to reject unsuitable products at the earliest stage possible and move on to the next product. This is what we’ve optimized by adding to the “Quick Info” panel.

We now display a mini Alerts panel in Quick Info. This shows any SAS alerts that warrant attention, warnings (yellow) and danger (red) alerts. Each Alert has a unique letter and the hint explains exactly what it is. This corresponds to the existing Alerts panel.

We’ve also added Estimated Sales to Quick info, this is another important statistic when doing initial analysis and it’s much easier to see here than going to the Ranks and Prices panel.

We use background color to highlight issues in Quick Info:

  • Green – All ok (does meet your criteria)
  • Yellow – Warning, worth checking more
  • Red – Danger, worth checking a lot more (or does not meet your criteria)
  • Blue – Information

From a process perspective this update will help you reject unsuitable products faster. The majority of the time you’ll be able to reject based purely on what’s in Quick Info and if you need to dig deeper the rest of your SAS analysis is not far away.

This is live now on all 3 SAS platforms. As always any feedback and suggestions greatly appreciated.


SAS Update 1.190