We are continuing to go through all panels with tweaks and improvements, with a much bigger end game that I’ll share soon. The latest update includes:

Ranks & Prices – Keepa BSR Drops

When you are looking at the 30, 90 or 180 day average in the Ranks and Prices panel we now display a count of Keepa BSR Drops. This is useful when estimating how well a product sells and is available on all Amazon marketplaces. This is in addition to our Estimated Sales, they will be very similar on slow/medium selling products but for faster selling products you cannot rely on just counting BSR drops.

We have a load of other data and features coming using Keepa data, this is the beginning.

Manual Ungate Option

When auto ungate fails we now display a link to go to the Application page on Seller Central. There will normally be instructions on what you need to do to get ungated, sometimes it can be as simple as answering a question.

Max Cost Moved

We’ve moved the Max Cost from the Ranks & Prices in panel into the Profit Calculator. It makes sense to be next to the inputs that can change it. The Max Cost is still also shown in the Quick Info panel.

These changes are live now on all SAS platforms, no update is required.


SAS Update v1.170