We have made a few improvements to how we show live offers and the offer counts. We now use a combination of Amazon and Keepa so we can get more accurate counts on the search results page. And the offers shown in the table are live directly from Amazon.

We’ve also added the requested “Load More” feature so you have access to all available new offers and their respective stock counts.

Modifications include…

Search results:

1. The total new offer count

2. The number of FBA and FBM offers SAS is aware of. The + indicates that there could be more (see full analysis)

Offers panel:

A. Total live offer count

B. Live FBA and FBM offer counts directly from Amazon

C. Load More: 10 lowest priced offers are automatically shown. ‘Load more’ provides more offers.

Watch a full video about the Offers panel below.  The changes are now on all SAS platforms.