We’ve added a new switch to the Profit Calculator, Small & Light. When activated the FBA fee used will be the appropriate Small and Light fee.

The switch is only visible when the products weight and dimensions qualify as Small and Light. You will need to ensure that the product meets the other requirements for the Small and Light program (full details over on Amazon).

In this update we have also made it more obvious which costs and fees are used in the calculations dependant on the fulfilment type FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant). If a fee is not used by that fulfilment method it will have a line through it and not be used in the calculation.

Along with notes and tags we now save any modifications that you make in the calculator to your SAS history. So when you look at an item from your history you will be able to see how much it cost, the sale price used and any other factors in the calculation.