We launched Amazon storefront search a few months ago, but only mentioned it in this group (so if you missed the thread it was something of a hidden feature). Feedback has been good so thought we’d enhance it some what and make it easier to access.
With the Seller Storefront search you can quickly see information about other sellers and the products that they are selling. This can be useful when sourcing and to find other potential product ideas (especially when you see the same sellers on any of your listings who may be sourcing from the same places as you).
Included information:
  1. Seller Details
    The name of the store name and key data including the rating, review count and approximate number of ASINs.
  2. Top Brands
    This is the top 10 brands in this storefront, with approximate product counts. Clicking on the Brand name will filter the search results to that brand
  3. Top Categories
    The top 10 categories that are in this storefront with approximate product counts. Like with the brands list you can filter the search results to any one particular category
  4. Search Results
    These are the products within this storefront (filtered by brand or category). Like all SAS search results include useful data for primary analysis. The price shown is the storefront price which is not necessarily the Buy Box (the hints in the Offers mini panel will show the lowest price for that fulfillment type).
  5. This is the search term. To do a storefront search enter the URL from the appropriate Amazon page, or follow the link from merchant link from the SAS Offers panel.

This is live now on all SAS platforms. The link in the Offers Panel only works on the Extension and Web App (on mobile it shows the Merchant details).



SAS Update v1.193