We’ve been busy (as usual) with updates behind the scenes, whilst also working on new features. here’s a quick update on some of the not-so-exciting, but definitely necessary, updates:

FBA Fee Surcharge

Amazon announced a new surcharge to be added to the FBA fee:

All fees in SAS will be adjusted accordingly but if you want to take into account the new fees now, we have added a temporary setting to the Additional Costs in your SAS settings. This is ‘Off’ by default. Edit in Settings if you wish to activate it.

Mobile Apps

New versions of Android and iOS are available (1.49). We’ve made the layout on the different screen sizes and resolutions more uniform and better for “fat fingers.”

We also made the Search button more obvious, improved the autofocus on barcode scanning and fixed a couple bugs.

Download the latest Android and iOS apps (Android here, iOS here if you need them). Note with iOS in beta, follow both steps at the link to update.

Chrome Extension

US the extension was not showing in select categories, which has been rectified.

Stay tuned for announcements of other enhancements that will simplify your sourcing analysis.