SAS analysis in the US/ marketplace recently got easier. If your product meets the weight and dimension criteria for FBA Small & Light, you will automatically be shown the S&L indicator in the SAS Profit Calculator. 

The S&L toggle is only visible when the product’s weight and dimensions qualify as Small and Light. You will need to ensure that the product meets the other requirements for Small and Light. Learn more about those requirements and Small & Light at this link

Toggle to Yes if you wish to use the S&L fee in your calculations and SAS instantly recalculates all elements. 

When you choose to use the S&L fee, a yellow alert will appear to remind you. And if the product does not meet Amazon’s Sale Price requirement (under $10) a red alert will appear.

Small & Light warnings

Just remember, the product must meet Amazon’s published S&L weight and dimensional requirements for the S&L fee to be present. It cannot be manually triggered. 

The feature is now live for all US marketplace and continues to be available for UK marketplace.

Small and Light for .com/US marketplace