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New SAS Panel – Scan History

You've always been able to see your full SAS scan history. It's private to you and goes back to when you first started using SAS. The full history is all of your scans, the new Scan History panel is used to display your history of

SAS Update v1.88 – Small & Light and Saving Fields

We've added a new switch to the Profit Calculator, Small & Light. When activated the FBA fee used will be the appropriate Small and Light fee. The switch is only visible when the products weight and dimensions qualify as Small and Light. You will need

SAS Brain Update (v0.1.33) – History Layout

We've improved the layout of the SAS History screen, this makes it cleaner, faster and easier to use. Now instead of having to click on a view button you can simply click (or touch) just about anywhere on the appropriate row. This enhancement is especially