This document describes how third party tools can integrate with SellerAmp SAS and launch the SAS extension from their own site, pre-populated with the relevant product. The integration is for tools which display products on the Amazon marketplace. Tools of this ilk include product sourcing, inventory management, repricers, etc.


The website user must be using Google Chrome and have the SellerAmp SAS Chrome extension (version 0.42 or later) installed. The third party tool must have registered with SellerAmp and been given authorization for the integration. A code will be provided which must be used in the integration.


The third party website will display a link of the SAS extension logo next to any product on an Amazon marketplace. When clicked the SAS Chrome extension will display and load the analysis for the selected product. If the SAS Chrome extension is not installed the link should go to an information page on the third party site explaining the integration and instructions on how to register for a  SellerAmp SAS account.

Integration Instructions

We have made the integrating as simple as possible and only requires html so will work with all web technologies. First you must contact explaining your integration and receive your unique integration token.

All links that will launch the SellerAmp SAS extension must be in a container with the class SaSExTaP5Dc32-container this can be a span or added to an existing container.

When you launch the SAS extension it should show the relevant product or search page. This is done via data attributes. The following data attributes are supported:

Attribute Name Description Notes
tp_integration_token Token provided by SellerAmp for the integration Required
asin The ASIN of the product for SAS analysis asin or search_term is required
search_term A barcode or free text to search for the product asin or search_term is required
source_url The URL or free text of where the product was sourced optional
sas_cost_price Cost price of the product for calculations optional
sas_sale_price Sale price of the product for calculations optional

Link Images

The link to launch the SellerAmp SAS extension should be one of the following images, use the size that works best with  the site.

Image Size URL
Small – 16 x 16 px×16.png
Medium – 32 x 32 px×32.png
Large – 64 x 64 px×64.png

Sample Code

The code should be adequate as documentation. You can have as many SAS shortcut links as you need in your web application.

Copy to Clipboard

Change the data-tp_integration_token to your unique token provided by SellerAmp. The href of the link should point to the information page on the third party site about the integration and how to sign-up for a SellerAmp SAS account. This link will only be used if the SellerAmp SAS extension is not installed.

If you have any queries or need assistance please contact