Just in time for Black Friday and Q4 buying madness, the SAS and Arbitrage Hero (AH) integration is making your sourcing even quicker!

Customers of both services now see the cheapest suppliers and prices found by Arbitrage Hero – for EVERY product in your SAS search results! 

  • See the total number of e-tailers found and the three with lowest prices
  • Works on SAS Storefront search. Quickly reverse search products on any seller’s storefront.
  • Full results available in Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search panel within SAS product analysis

Full functionality requires both a SAS and Arbitrage Hero subscription. AH offer a free 14 day trial. And for a limited time, SAS users get 50% off their first month with AH. That’s a powerful tool for not much investment through your Q4 sourcing.

What is Arbitrage Hero?

Arbitrage Hero (AH), the quickest FBA sourcing software for finding highly profitable products, delivers details to SAS users that help you:

  • Find sources for products.
  • Confirm your cost price is good.
  • See prices of other merchants and understand if there is a better price out there.

In addition to results on SAS search, subscribers of both services see the Arbitrage Hero Reverse Search panel within your SAS analysis, delivering details of all online merchants carrying the product you are analysing.

SAS Customers who don’t subscribe to AH, do see the panel, displaying the number of merchants and the lowest price found. And 10 times per month you can conduct full AH lookups. But 10 times certainly does not contribute to finding the sources you need while quickly analysing products.

The AH offer a free 14 day trial, including 50% off in the first month for SAS subscribers, gives a perfect chance to see the benefit of the AH matching technology and understand the benefit of using it within SAS.

Give Arbitrage hero a try. We know you will be hooked on the benefits it provides to your sourcing analysis!