Recently launched in SAS is the Buy Box Analysis panel, showing a history of who has owned the buy box for the time frame you choose. The panel must be turned on in Settings to utilize it.

Knowing who has owned the Buy Box, length of time and other details gives you a more full picture of whether you may want to sell a to the Buy Box Analysis panel

With the new panel, you easily see a variety of data points about each seller who has owned the Buy Box including:

  • Average price
  • Percentage of time they won BB
  • When they last won
  • Stock level
  • Fulfillment type

Easily change your analysis timeframe at the top. You can also search or sort or turn off different data points within the chart.

Tips to keep in mind:

  • The current BB owner is always bolded.
  • “No buy box” reasons (eg suppressed, out of stock) will be displayed
  • Most storefront names are displayed. Some may still have storefront ID, which will be replaced over time.

Remember the panel needs to be turned on in Settings. When in Settings, you can rearrange the location of the panel, or any other panels, by dragging the panel name. Click here to see how.