Now available – Settings & updated fees to keep your business profitable with the new Amazon Inbound Placement Fee in US marketplace. We kept this update simple yet fast, so you can quickly understand the impact to your bottom line.

Visit Settings-Additional Costs and set your default Inbound Placement selection:

  • O: Amazon optimized shipment split = sent to 4+ locations; Amazon will ask you to ship to the most unique FCs, but with no placement fee. However, this will increase your average per pound shipping rate.
  • P: Partial shipment splits = sent to 2-3 locations; Amazon will find a middle ground. You will have a few split shipments, and reduced fees versus Minimal.
  • M: Minimal shipment splits = send to 1 location; Amazon will ship to as few FCs as possible, but it will come with an extra fee per unit

We suggest using Amazon optimized shipments (O), based on the best fees currently seen by sellers. If you do use optimized, we advise that you increase your average price per pound for Amazon shipping. From shipments we have seen thus far, an estimate around $.60/lb is a good baseline to start with if you are using Amazon optimized

If using partial or minimal methods (P & M) SellerAmp will automatically include the Inbound Placement fee, which you can see in the fee breakdown in the Profit Calculator. Note that SellerAmp use the highest amount of the range for partial or minimal shipment splits.

Change your mind? You can always toggle to change the Inbound Placement by clicking the link in the Profit Calculator. (see right)

Read Amazon’s full details about the fee here: Inbound Placement program.

SellerAmp Amazon Inbound Placement - Set your default
Inbound Placement Fee calculation for US market